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BedBugKiller.co.uk has been created to enable you to get rid of bed bugs using the best products but without the need for, or costs associated with, a professional.

With over 15 years' pest control experience treating infestations in domestic homes and commercial premises, including the eradication of extensive problems in hotels, B&Bs and residential care homes, the knowledge we have gained qualifies us to provide you with facts and professional advice on both symptoms and control.

Employing a technician to carry out a bed bug control treatment can be an extremely expensive business. That's why at BedBugKiller.co.uk we have compiled a range of the most highly effective treatments, from sprays and powders through to comprehensive Bed Bug Killer Kits. Many of these bed bug killer products are exactly the same as those used by the professionals and are manufactured by companies such as market leaders, Rentokil.

Whatever the extent of your infestation, at BedBugKiller.co.uk you can be assured of an effective solution and professional advice, without great expense.

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What are bed bugs?
Bed bugs are classed as a parasite of man. They are 4-5mm in length, oval shaped, and red-brown in colour.

Why do I have bed bugs?
Bed bugs find their way into new homes by travelling on clothing, baggage or infested furniture. Infestations have become more widespread in the UK, largely due to people travelling to countries where bed bugs are more prevalent. This is why hotels and B&Bs also occasionally find the need for bed bug treatments. The high volume of guests and their luggage can easily lead to an infestation, even in the cleanest of hotels.

Bed bugs - how to get rid of them?
Listed below are probably the three most important factors when getting rid of bed bugs, all of which are covered by BedBugKiller.co.uk 

1. Firstly, ensure that you have the correct and strongest available bug killing products for the job.

2. Secondly, you need to know exactly where to find the bugs and have the technical knowledge to correctly apply the killer products to the affected area.

3. And thirdly, but equally as importantly, it is essential to ensure that you are thorough in applying your treatment in order to obtain fast, effective bed bug control.

What products should I buy?
We highly recommended our bespoke Bed Bug Killer Kits, which contain a combination of the best products put together by our experienced technicians to provide the fastest and most effective treatment. All our Kits are supplied with professional advice sheet, giving you a step-by-step guide on how to carry out the same treatment as a professional pest controller and enabling you to get rid of an infestation without huge cost.

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