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Bed Bug Killer Insecticidal Smoke Bombs (Twin Pack)

Qty From Qty To Unit Price
1 £6.95
2 5 £6.84
6 9 £6.78
10 £6.38

Pest Expert Formula 'P' Fumer smoke bombs are a highly effective bed bug killing fumigation device and an essential part of any comprehensive bed bug treatment. One Formula 'P' Fumer smoke bomb will treat an area of approx 7.5 cubic metres, so a twinpack would be required to treat a bed bug infestation in a single or small double room, and two twinpacks would be necessary for a larger double bedroom of approx 4m square. After lighting, the room should be closed and left for approx 3 hours to allow the smoke to disperse and then upon re-entering any windows should be opened to aid ventilation. If you are suffering from a heavy bed bug infestation, then you may need to carry out several treatments at two-week intervals to ensure complete eradication. 

As smoke bombs do not leave any residue, they are best used in combination with other insecticides that offer longer-lasting protection such as Formula 'C' Bed Bug Killer Spray and Formula 'P' Bed Bug Powder.

See also our Bed Bug Killer Kits, which are supplied with step-by-step instructions.

The prices above are per twinpack of bed bug smoke bombs!

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