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Bed Bug Symptoms

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Bed bug symptoms
Below you will find extensive bed bug information, useful for anyone trying to establish bed bug symptoms, or wanting to confirm a bed bug infestation.

Bed bug infestations are becoming increasingly common throughout the UK, with large cities including London, Glasgow and Edinburgh being worst hit.

What are bed bugs?
The bed bug (Cimex lectularius) is classed as a parasite of man. Bed bugs bite humans as our blood provides their food source, also known as a bed bug blood feed. At one time, bed bugs were a pest most commonly associated with slum properties, although over the years an improvement in housing and living conditions meant bed bug infestations in the UK began to decline.

However, our love of travel means that over recent years bed bug infestations have again increased through travellers and migrants from overseas unknowingly bringing bed bugs back into the UK on baggage and clothing. This has been a major factor in the recent explosion of reported bed bug problems.

What do bed bugs look like?
Adult bed bugs (fully developed) are approximately 4-5mm long, oval in shape and almost flat, enabling them to get in to the narrowest of cracks. They are normally red-brown in colour, although can be almost transparent before reaching full maturity. When squashed, bed bugs tend to be full of dark red blood collected from the bed bug bites of humans. Bed bugs move quite slowly, do not like bright light, and tend to be nocturnal, spending daylight hours tucked away in dark areas, normally the underside of beds, matresses and bed frames.

How quickly do bed bugs breed?
The female bed bug lays between 200 and 500 eggs over a two month period in individual batches of 10 to 50, cementing them into cracks and crevices on, or in close proximity to, the bed.

Bed bug eggs are approximately 1mm long, white, elongate, and often found in between slats or around joints on frame style beds. On traditional divans, around headboards (if present), underneath edges of fabric and around the stapled edges of hessian base covers, are all good areas to inspect when trying to establish a bed bug infestation.

Why do I have bed bugs? 
Having bed bugs is not necessarily a reflection on the cleanliness of an individual or the hygiene of an establishment. Even the cleanest homes and hotels can suffer a bed bug infestation if they are unfortunate enough to receive a guest who brings them in.

As previously mentioned, the number of bed bug infestations in the UK has seen an increase due to travel. Bed bugs get in to homes and hotels by attaching themselves to luggage and clothing that they come in to contact with.

In this country, public transport has also been a factor in the spread of bed bugs. As bed bugs are almost flat, their ability to tuck themselves under the edges of seat upholstery on either buses, trains or planes can make them very hard to detect.

Further confirming this, during recent years U pest control companies have also reported a considerable rise in the number of transport-related call-outs for the treatment of bed bugs.

What do bed bug bites look like?

As bed bugs are a parasite of man they have to bite humans to survive, as our blood is the bed bugs food source. Bed bug bites can be quite nasty. They tend to appear as raised lumps or bumps which can be extremely itchy. 

Bed bug bites can appear anywhere on the body, although are most common on the lower part of the legs, arms and back. Wherever the bed bug bites appear, they tend to be in close proximity to blood vessels which are close to the surface of the skin.

Some people can be more susceptible to bed bug bites than others. Sometimes, when two people share a bed, one can find that they are being bitten far more than the other.

Bed bug bites can be quite distressing. Not only can they cause great irritation and discomfort, particularly if scratched or infection occurs, but the thought of something feeding on them can be extremely upsetting to many people.

Can bed bugs or bed bug bites transmit disease?
No. There are no confirmed cases of either bed bugs or bed bug bites transmitting disease to humans.

Are bed bugs difficult to get rid of?
Bed bugs are quite tough, resilient creatures, with the ability to be able to survive for up to a year without a blood feed. Taking into account the rate at which they breed, a bed bug infestation can escalate quite rapidly, so it is important to act fast and start applying bed bug killer products as soon as possible. Obviously the longer the problem is left, the greater the number of bed bugs will be, and the more difficult bed bug contrrol will become.

The are three key factors associated with bed bugs and how to get rid of them, all of which you will get from our Bed Bug Killer Kits:

1. Firstly, ensure that you have the correct and strongest available bed bug killing products for the job.

2. Secondly, you need to know exactly where to find the bed bugs and have the technical knowledge to correctly apply the bed bug killer products.

3. And thirdly, but equally as importantly, it is essential to ensure that you are thorough in applying your bed bug treatments in order to obtain fast, effective bed bug control.

Which bed bug killer products should I buy?
We highly recommend our best-selling Bed Bug Killer Kits, which have been put together by our experienced technicians to offer you the ultimate combination of bed bug products to achieve rapid knockdown of bed bugs and maintain bed bug control. All our Kits come with a professional advice sheet, giving you a step-by-step guide of how to carry out the same bed bug treatment as a professional pest controller but without the expense.

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