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Protector Natural Total Release Aerosol Fogger

Our Price: £10.95
Protector Natural is a 'total release' aerosol fogger which can be used for fumigatiing a room infested with bed bugs but also as a space and surface spray for direct knockdown. Made from 100% natural pyrethrins, a fast-acting yet organic insecticide, this product is safe for application to all types of surfaces including soft furnishings and bedding.

As well as bed bugs, Protector Natural is also effective against many other flying and crawling insects.

Directions for use:
  • As a fumigation device: Press down firmly on trigger to lock into place. The can will take approx 5 minutes to empty its contents. Use 1 can per average-sized room.
  • As a space spray: Press down lightly on the trigger and spray a 2-3 second burst into the air.
  • As a surface spray: Press down lightly on the trigger and spray a 4-6 second burst over each square metre of area to be treated.
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